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"Premature Ejaculation: The Quick Stop Guide"

The New "THREE-STEP " Personalized Approach To Overcoming Rapid Ejaculation

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A clear primer on many causes of premature ejaculation & how to remove or modify them
A new herb that acts as a short-term SSRI, just like dapoxetine for a small fraction of the price
How to alter your ejaculation set-point to endure long lasting hard stimulation
An action plan to help you get started without confusion
How to modify key processes that contribute to a genetic inheritance of rapid ejaculation
A clear explanation of long-term action steps to be permanently in control of your own ejaculation
A non-drug non-supplement protocol that works within 10 minutes .. for added confidence
How to avoid killing your sex drive and potency while you overcome rapid ejaculation
Updated information about the three main mechanisms which underlie rapid ejaculation
Rewritten from the feedback & new information... this is not a cut and paste of my previous book
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I don't need to tell you that premature ejaculation removes your ability to be spontaneously passionate and in control... the male sexual behavior that really turns women on.

You CAN'T really compensate (for coming before she does) with lots of foreplay and being technically good in the bedroom... time to completely overturn your usual "nice guy" repertoire.. ending in disappointment.

Regardless of what you've tried or how long you last now, you'll have the information so you can choose a personal solution that best matches your individual biochemistry.

Premature Ejaculation: Quick Stop Guide!

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Three-Step Scientific Approach
step 1Remove Obvious Causes
step 2 Use An On-Demand Quick-Stop
step 3 Develop Long-Term Habit Control

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Discover a new approach that is tailored to your unique biochemisty that flat-out works, based on clinical research & direct personal experience.

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“This stuff is VERY exciting. I SO much support the work that you are doing. I am having better sex overall then I did when I was 20 years old: I actually avoided sex quite a bit then.. Now I have less anxiety and more fun, it’s more fulfilling overall.” (TV)

“I have done a lot of my own personal research into the topic and have come across many questionable therapies and sales pitches. Tim James is the ONLY researcher I have come across who appears to truly advocate for men suffering with PE. He comes from an authenticity which is reflected in his devotion to finding natural, safe, and effective approaches to assisting men with PE. His newest Guide is heavily researched and provides an incredible breadth and depth of information based on current science. I highly recommend this Guide to anyone with even the slightest concern.” (JS)

“Excellent book with everything wrapped up in a neat and tidy package. Many others discuss PE, but don't get right down to the foundation on how to "treat" this problem. Everyone’s reasons for PE are different, and Tim addresses these in this book, which is clear and easy to understand. There is a lot of research in his manual which sets it apart from everything else out there. You owe it to yourself to read this book, and begin your journey to longer and more enjoyable sex for both you and your partner!” (DA)

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Premature Ejaculation: Quick Stop Guide!"Premature Ejaculation: Quick Stop Guide!"
A New 3-Step Approach To Stop Rapid Ejaculation - On Demand!

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Tim James
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P.S. My clients know I do not oversell in an industry full of bogus claims and outright lies. I know how devastating rapid ejaculation is to self-esteem, and I sincerely want you to have this knowledge and start to enjoy the sex life you and your partner deserve.

PPS: If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll get the same results. Do yourself a favor and get this brand new information for just $17.95 and then send me your testimonial!

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"There are few commercial programs, and little general advice about overcoming premature ejaculation that acknowledge the biochemical and genetic components, or are based on any serious research on the topic apart from soliciting a few (or just one person's) individual experiences.

And even those that do acknowledge it, and whose techniques work in theory, pay scant attention to how extraordinarily difficult it is for the average man with lifelong rapid ejaculation to successfully use those techniques.

After all, if he regularly ejaculates in less than a few minutes, lacks sexual confidence, and does not have a fully supportive long-term partner, how easy is it going to be to use mental or physical "control" to overcome this condition.

In complete contrast, this Three-Step approach step 1Remove Causes step 2 Apply Quickstop step 3 Integrate Long-Term Habit Control ... is scientifically based, empirically verified and allows any man to apply them at his own pace to his unique circumstances to last longer right away and then develop effective long term sexual stamina and confidence, all while pleasing his partner".

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